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Our Trademarks

Welcome to CERM-EX Technology Inc., the proud home of Turkoglu Group and CEMDEMIR, leading trademarks in Turkey's structural steel and modular housing production industry. Founded in 1996 in Izmir, Turkey, Turkoglu Group has been at the forefront of innovation, delivering exceptional products and solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Since 1970 in Bursa, Turkey, CEMDEMIR has stood as a cornerstone of innovation and excellence, shaping the landscape of modern living through its pioneering modular building solutions and structural steel manufacturing

Turkoglu Group
Since its inception, Turkoglu Group has been a beacon of excellence in manufacturing, specializing in modular building, Cold Formed Steel Structures, Mobile Homes, Tiny homes, and modular walls. Our diverse portfolio also includes the production of modular commercial buildings such as showrooms, sales offices, and public facilities for cities and international events. We take pride in our rapid production capabilities, enabling us to work closely with Emergency Management Agencies on Temporary Housing & Crisis Response building initiatives.


We partner with our clients to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish. With our unique combination of technical excellence and socio-economic insights we deliver enduring structures, resource-efficient solutions and socially cohesive communities for today and tomorrow. 

A purpose-driven company 

CERM-EX has always been a company driven by a sense of purpose and a strong set of values. Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Values are the core beliefs and ambitions that capture the essence of being CERM-EX. They define our company purpose, what we strive to achieve, how we act and how we create value for our key stakeholders. 
Our Commitments are the promise we make to our clients, people, society and our company.

Experienced professionals

Early careers

CERM-EX | Careers | Experienced professionals


If you are a skilled professional with a proven track record, then we invite you to join us.

CERM-EX | Careers | Early careers


Whether a student, a recent graduate or in the early stages of your career, we have a wide range of opportunities.

CERM-EX | Your excellence powering innovation

Your excellence powering innovation

A sustainable future requires innovative solutions. By being ingenious, we have the potential to transform the way we address society’s major challenges. That’s why we take innovation seriously.

CERM-EX | Making sustainability our business 

Making sustainability our business 

A sustainable approach and responsible business conduct are a part of CERM-EX’s DNA. We are committed to taking a leading role in sustainable solutions and setting the industry benchmark.

CERM-EX | Equality, diversity and inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion

At CERM-EX we employ people from a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities and expertise.

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