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As a privately owned organisation we are in unique position to make bold, forward-looking investment decisions - exploring solutions to engineer the superior build quality and efficient performance that underpin sustainable construction.

Research & Development

Our research and development activities are central to our ambition to gain the competitive edge by bringing new ideas to market that deliver maximum value for clients and end-users.

Bringing together world-leading leading technical specialists, our team leads the development and delivery of our innovation agenda, while broadening the breadth of our in-house expertise.

Working with our industry and academic partners we are strengthening our capability in this area. Supported by a strong network of preferred suppliers we seek to effect industry-wide transformation, sharing our learning and encouraging common standards of excellence.

We are committed to the principle of ‘changing from within’ – and encourage all our people to seek ways to improve on what we do. One of the ways we support this is via our online ‘innovation portal’ through which any employee can submit an idea for consideration.

At the same time, our Explore Manufacturing business is leading the development of smarter, more sustainable products. This is supported by our extensive digital prototyping capability, through which we are working to enhance the methods used to design, deliver and operate buildings and infrastructure.

Research Partnerships

Our extensive network of educational partnerships is designed to nurture the next generation of industry talent and support ongoing academic interest in construction and engineering.

Drawing on the latest research techniques, delivery models and management approaches the programmes seek to inspire a radical new approach to learning, preparing participants to return to their professions as innovators and thought leaders.

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