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CERM-EX is an experienced service provider of site improvement and preparation for civil construction projects. Our civil services are designed to handle all preliminary aspects of site preparation allowing for subsequent phases of construction.

Site Improvement & Preparation

CERM-EX is an experienced service provider of site improvement and preparation for civil construction projects. Our civil services are designed to handle all preliminary aspects of site preparation allowing for subsequent phases of construction. Our experience, broad scope of knowledge, dedication to service and quality, and unwavering emphasis on safety will get the project off to the right start.

Clearing and Grubbing

Land clearing and grubbing services refer to the removal of trees, shrubs and bushes, stumps, and other vegetation and debris from the construction site. CERM-EX is experienced with the safe and effective removal of these items. Our experienced workers will get the job done quickly and efficiently, creating a worksite that is open, clear, and ready to be developed.

Subgrade Stabilization

Subgrade stabilization is the process of stabilizing underlying levels of soil so work can be done on top without it shifting or caving in. Subgrade stabilization is performed by blending cement or lime with a stabilizing or reclaiming agent and adding it to the soil. Factors such as moisture content, soil composition, and other environmental factors affect which methods and materials will be best suited to the stabilization. CERM-EX will analyze the soil to perform effective, dependable subgrade stabilization.

Heavy Haul Roads

Heavy haul roads are used at construction sites to facilitate access of the site by the equipment and machinery needed for the job, the construction materials being used, and the construction workers and other personnel themselves. Heavy haul roads must be built to bear a great deal of weight and are typically built according to a specific timeline and budget. CERM-EX is an experienced general contractor and provider of EPC services. Our skilled crews build safe, reliable heavy haul roads that take the unique needs of the project and worksite into consideration.


Shoring is the process of protecting the worksite from collapse. It also prevents corrosion and weathering of the site. This extremely important service calls for a careful evaluation of the site, quality work and materials, and a skilled crew that has the background and competencies needed. CERM-EX provides safe and reliable shoring services.


Site excavation is the process of removing soil, rock, and other materials from the worksite in preparation of the construction. Excavation requires heavy earth-moving equipment and trained work crews. CERM-EX’ background as a full service general contractor gives us the experience and resources it takes to perform quality excavation.

Drainage Systems

An important aspect of sitework is the installation of drainage systems that will remove stormwater from the site or sewage from the plumbing systems. CERM-EX will excavate the systems and install the necessary piping, culverts, and other systems required for effective site drainage.

Water Distribution Systems

Water distribution systems refer to the mainlines and pipes that bring potable water into the site. CERM-EX rigorously observes all safety and quality standards and installs reliable water distribution systems.

Curbs, Sidewalks, and Parking Lots

Curbs, sidewalks, and parking lots provide the means by which foot traffic and vehicles can access the site. This infrastructure should be added to the worksite with an eye toward current and immediate needs as well as long-term use. CERM-EX rigorously adheres to civil construction standards to ensure that curbs, sidewalks, and parking lots are constructed to the highest level of standards and quality.

CERM-EX’ EPC services have the capacity to perform all the phases of a construction project. We will take a green field, marsh, forest, or woods and fully develop it with our site improvement and preparation services so that it will be ready for the construction of the facility. We are committed to proving the highest levels of service and quality in this early phase of the construction process to set the tone for the entire project as a whole.


Structural & Civil General Contracting

Structural & Civil General Contracting

CERM-EX provides Industrial and Civil general contracting services. We provide a full range of services in this area that takes the customer directly from the early design phase of their project right through to the completed project.

Deep Foundations

Deep Foundations

In the context of civil construction deep foundations refer to the piles, piers, drilled shafts, and caissons that are embedded deep into the ground. The added depth allows the foundation to bear a higher weight load and to remain strong and secure, even if soil quality is poor nearer the surface.

Concrete Services

Concrete Services

CERM-EX is committed to providing the highest level of quality in its concrete services for civil construction.

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